Finishing services for plastic production

Maalot offers expert capabilities at every step of the production process; from the design of the injection molds through to mass production, along with a range of complementary services including painting, printing, embedding and assembly. Our team of experts support our clients from concept to completion and provide turnkey plastic solutions all under one roof. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products and customer service, based on years of experience and technological expertise.

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Plastic painting services

During the production process, we strive to provide our customer with a wide range of the highest quality solutions in finishing, painting and coating processes. Our painting department offers a variety of painting techniques and is renowned for the quality of its services, that result in longer lasting custom products. The painting process is performed in cleanrooms with an air filtration system, operated by air blowers, which prevent the entry of pollutants into the painting cells. Additionally, to achieve the perfect finishing and visibility, our painting rooms are equipped with humidity...

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Plastic printing services

Plastic is a remarkable material with a variety of uses but printing on it requires special skills and techniques. Three methods are mainly used for printing on plastics - Pad printing, silk screen printing and digital printing. Digital printing provides speed, accuracy and durability over time and in different environmental conditions. The pad printing technique was invented decades ago and has undergone rapid changes since then. It enables printing on uneven surfaces - straight or round. Over the years, with the development of the silicone the pad, this technique has become one of the most...

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Hot stamping for plastics

Hot stamping is a permanent marking process used to label plastic parts through metal plate. Hot stamping utilizes heat and pressure to transfer pre-dried ink or foil from a roll of film to a plastic part. The process is achieved by running the foil between the hot stamping die, then heating the die, and finally pressing the die down to apply the foil to the part. This technique enables to imitate, in the closest manner, printing of metallic colors such as silver and gold. Our customers have the possibility to stamp their products in our advanced hot stamping machines.

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Decorative painting

Ma’alot specializes in advanced solutions for decorating and wet painting. Our innovative painting facility provides unique solutions, exceptional color accuracy and consistency, that greatly enhance the visual appearance and differentiation of the finished product. Our wide color fan includes metallic colors, PU tactile and more. Painting is performed in accordance to customers’ requirements and needs by the professional and skilled staff. We also offer conductive paint for EMI/RFI shielding.

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