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About Maalot Division

Maalot Division From Zriha Group deals with complex plastic injections and complimentary services of paint, print and assembly. Maalot division is located in Maalot's industrial area and works together with Zriha's engineering division, Sunrise division, in giving general service to its customers, from the product and manufacture plan of plastic injection frames to the product serial production and assembly. This combination allows Maalot division's customers to enjoy a wide service package, including prototype and sample manufacture, planning and manufacturing of injection frames, and serial manufacture in an Israeli factory.

Work Options with Maalot division

Maalot division escorts customers from the product planning stage with the support and advise of the engineering team, helping with appropriate and rational product planning from which costs will be concluded. Further in the process, the division will escort the customer through the prototype manufacture and after sample approval will operate the actual injection frame manufacture and serial produce. Maalot division lets customers who own existing plastic injection frames use them for serial manufacture in our production halls, with our machines.

Maalot Division Services

Maalot division provides services in the plastic component industry, from planning to serial manufacture. Maalot division has diverse injection abilities. It holds about more then 50 injection machines (80-800 tons), double component injecting machines, peripheral equipment including robots, manipulators and clean working environment. The produce floor is run by an advanced ERP system and a quality control under international standards such as ISO14001, ISO9001 and OHSAS18001.

As part of the service package, Maalot division offers finishing services including decorative painting and conductive painting, silk and tampon prints, assembly for sub assemblies, ultrasonic welding, inserts and machining. The Maalot division provides logistic services such as manufacture line daily supply and launching in international standards.

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