Plastic printing services

Plastic is a remarkable material with a variety of uses but printing on it requires special skills and techniques.

Three methods are mainly used for printing on plastics - Pad printing, silk screen printing and digital printing.

Digital printing provides speed, accuracy and durability over time and in different environmental conditions.

The pad printing technique was invented decades ago and has undergone rapid changes since then. It enables printing on uneven surfaces - straight or round.

Over the years, with the development of the silicone the pad, this technique has become one of the most commonly used methods in the printing industry, as it provides great flexibility.

In addition to pad printing we also apply the silk screen printing, commonly referred to as screen printing. This technique that provides impressive quality and may be used for printing on a variety of surfaces and materials (plastic, wood, metal, fabric etc.).

Its advantages include maintaining color durability in different environmental conditions and printing versatility on unusual surfaces.

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